About us

Scientific and methodological journal. It has been published since 1970 as a supplement to the «Azerbaijan Journal of Educational Studies». The journal has been operating as the scientific-methodical publication of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan since 2000. ISSN 2709-247X (Print) ISSN 2709-2488 (Online)
The journal «Preschool and primary education» publishes scientific and theoretical articles in the field of preschool and primary education, research materials reflecting national and international experience from a practical and theoretical point of view in accordance with the modern requirements. The journal also publishes articles summarizing the content of training, the pedagogical experience of educators, teachers, psychologists and disability specialists. Promotion of modern learning technologies, pedagogical innovations and articles that reflect pedagogical and psychological aspects of family-school, teacher-student, educator-child relationships are always in the focus of the journal. Articles are published in Azerbaijani, Russian, English and Turkish languages. Articles that reflect the conflict of interests and have no scientific methodological purpose are not accepted. The journal is among the recommended scientific publications of the Higher Attestation Commission under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

History of the journal

There has always been a earnest need to create new collections in order to increase the effectiveness of the scientific and pedagogical process. Until 1970, there was a need to publish a separate scientific-methodical journal, as articles on preschool and primary education and problems in this area were published only in relevant books, newspapers and literary-artistic journals. Therefore, by the decision of the Ministry of Education of the Azerbaijan SSR, in February 1970, in addition to the journal "Azerbaijan Journal of Educational Studies ", the journal "Primary School and Preschool Education" was published. The first editor-in-chief of this collection, which has 6 printed pages and is published 6 times a year, was Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Yahya Karimov. The journal had a circulation of 25,000-28,000 a year. In the pages of the journal, prominent educators, Scientists of Science and Art Nasraddin Tusi, Mahmud Kashgari, Hasan bey Zardabi, Tagi Shahbazi Simurg, Omar Faig Nemanzadeh, Firidun bey Kocharli, Rashid bey Afandiyev, Huseyn Javid, Articles about Suleyman Sani Akhundov, Mirza Alakbar Sabir, Abbas Sahhat, Abdulla Shaig, Uzeyir Hajibeyov, Samad Vurgun, Mir Jalal, Mehdi Mehdizade and others acquaint teachers and educators with prominent identities of education, school, science and art. After the 30th anniversary of the journal "Primary School and Preschool Education" in 2000, it continued its activities as an independent scientific-methodical publication of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and in 2009 the journal was renamed "Preschool and Primary Education".