CURRENT PROBLEMS OF EXPRESSIVE READING IN PRIMARY GRADES Mahirə Abdullayeva Azərbaycan Dövlət Pedaqoji Universteti, pedaqogika üzrə fəlsəfə doktoru


Abstract. In the article, the importance of the student’s acquisition of high speech culture is brought to the fore. It is noted that in the present era, when a new way of thinking is being formed, the ability to speak well, and the culture of speech is one of the requirements of life. In such a situation, a great responsibility falls on the school and the teacher. Today’s students must have deep knowledge and a high speech culture; must be able to speak clearly, correctly, logically, concisely, smoothly, fluently, attractively, articulately, and write grammatically correctly. One of the main tasks facing the subject of the Azerbaijani language in primary classes is to develop students’ speech skills and habits and to work on the formation of speech culture. It is of great importance for the students to acquire expressive reading skills and habits in the effectiveness of the work carried out in this direction. In this regard, although systematic studies were conducted in the upper grades, there were no significant research works related to the field of primary education. Investigating expressive reading problems of students in primary grades is one of the important issues. Scientific research was mostly conducted on the written branch of science, not the oral one, and as a result of this, extensive study of reading, including expressive reading training, has been started in recent times.

Keywords: elementary school, speech culture, teaching, Azerbaijani language classes, expressive reading, speech development.