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Boyukagha Mikayilli was born on May 25, 1972 in Khilli settlement of Neftchala region of the Republic of Azerbaijan. He graduated from the Faculty of International Journalism, Publishing and Editing of the Ukrainian Academy of Publishing. He is married and has two daughters.
Boyukagha Mikayilli has been in the media since 1993. Correspondent-editor of "Azerbaijan Journal of Agrarian Science" of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Azerbaijan (1993-1995), "Vakht" (1998-2000), "Kur-Khazar" (2000-2002), "Korpu" (2002-2004), " He worked as an editor in the newspaper "Tehsil ve zaman" (2002-2018), correspondent-editor of the scientific-theoretical journal "Azerbaijan Journal of Educational Studies", department editor (2018-2020).
At present, he is the executive secretary of the scientific-methodical journal "Preschool and primary education" of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, a member of the editorial board of the journal. At the same time, he is the coordinator of the scientific-analytical portal informa.az. He is the head of the Azerbaijani representation of the International Academy of Literature and Journalism. He was elected co-chair of the International Organization for the Promotion of Science, Education, Culture and Art "Peacekeeping Activities" in Ukraine. He is the founder of the "Tehsil Dunyasi" newspaper, tehsildunyasi.org website.
Boyukagha Mikayilli author of 10 books and, including, according to scientists, the first Azerbaijani pedagogical novel called Light. Director of the EDUCENTER Azerbaijan Educational Center, member of the Union of Journalists of Azerbaijan and Ukrainian, co-chairman of Peace Mission International Literature and Art Center, a member of the International Center for the Implementation of UNESCO Programs, currently writes the book Educational Landscape of the World.
Projects implemented under his coordination and leadership:
- Support program for the "State Strategy for the Development of Education"
- "Establishment of pedagogical-psychological counseling center";
- “Teaching active learning strategies to primary school teachers”;
- “Preparation of e-learning materials” training project;
- "International experience exchange project in education";
- "Natural monuments of Azerbaijan";
- "Scientific and methodological bases of teaching the truth of Karabakh to the younger generation";
- The first republican forum of preschool educators;
- The first republican forum of primary school teachers;
- Second Republican Forum of Primary School Teachers;
- Seminars on "Tehsil ve zaman";
- "Construction and Dissemination of work experience of advanced teachers ";
- "The best educational article" competition;
- "Cooperation of educational institutions";
- International festival "Under one sky" (in Baku and Ukraine);
- "Healthy youth, healthy future"

His books:
-    "Natural monuments of Azerbaijan"; (Azerbaijan, English, Russian language);
-    "Light" class novel;
-    "Search for creative work";
-    "İf your child is preparing for school";
-    "Modern lesson, new approaches";
-    "Simphony of lifetime";
-    "Under the same sky" (Azerbaijan, Russian and Ukrainian language);
-    "The world’s Cyprus, Cyprus’world" (Azerbaijani, Turkish and English languages);
-    "Janusz Korczak" (Azerbaijani, English, Russian and Ukrainian language);
-    "Do you know the world of your child?”
-    "Educational landscape of the world”;
-     "Philosophy of Singaporean education”; 
-    "Steven Hoking – a man who never gives up”;
-    "Improvement of legal aid to the disadvantaged”.

The journalist is the author of 1,200 scientific and journalistic articles dedicated to science, education, culture, life and work of prominent personalities of the world.
Boyukagha Mikayilli's field of research as a journalist, as well as the education systems of developed countries, innovative universities, author's schools.
Berlin Humboldt University, Berlin Technical University, Berlin Medical School, Dusseldorf Henrich Heini University, Dusburg Essen University, Kral Karl University in Prague, University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Krakow Pedagogical University, Krakow Technical University in Lublin, Przemyl University of West Poland, Berlin Mosaic School, Ukrainian National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences, Institute of Educational Management, Ukrainian Printing Academy, Lviv Step Academy, Ukrainian Catholic University, Ivan Franco Lviv National University, Lviv Polytechnic University, Girne American University in Northern Cyprus, American University, International Final University of Cyprus, Eastern Mediterranean University are among the educational institutions where the journalist conducts research.
B.Mikayilli is a member of the Azerbaijan Union of Journalists, The International Center for UNESKO Programs Promotion, International Academy of Literature and Journalism Associated Member UNESKO International Programs Promotion.
The activity is aimed at studying the models of the development of world education through joint research. At present, we work hand in glove with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), promoting scientific and cultural cooperation in the field of education and science, protection of the cultural heritage and cultural expressions development, as well minorities and indigenous peoples, in order to form a sole global culture, intellectual and social accountability to society.