Instruction for Authors

Requirements to the articles submitted for publication in «Preschool and Primary Education»

Content of articles
The articles should be devoted actual topics, meet the academic requirements of journal’s style and content and consist of “Introduction”, “Main part”, and “Conclusion”. The introduction should contain a thesis that will assert the main argument. In the main part, the studied issues and the raised questions should be explained and analyzed in detail in the sections. In the conclusion, the author should reinforce the importance of the main idea, emphasize his scientific contention and appreciate his topic in personally relevant ways, and it is notable to shine the scientific novelty and the benefits of the work and to offer suggestions and recommendations.

Rules of preparing of articles and scope
1) The articles submitted for the editorial must meet the following requirements, including the conditions set out for the periodical scientific publications presented by the Higher Attestation Commission under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan:
— Title of the article, author's name, surname, position, academic degree, name and address of the organization where he works, e-mail address and telephone number should be written on the title page of the article.
—  Key words (in Azerbaijani and English) should consist of 5-8 words and phrases.
— Abstract (in Azerbaijani and English) should be approximately 80-100 words, with the same content.
2) The text should be typed in Microsoft Word, A4 (210x297mm), Times New Roman — 12, size 8-10 sheets.
3) The title should be capitalized in capital letters, and subheadings should be written in bold, italic, with the first letter in uppercase only. Before and after the headline and subheadings, tables and figures (also equations and formulas), a single line spacing should be added. Pages should be numbered in the lower right corner.
4) The table and pictures must be named, and the name should be placed in the left-hand corner above the table, and pictures name should be placed in the left-hand corner under picture.
5) There should be references to scientific sources related to the topic of the article, as well as the sources noted at the end in "used works" should be mentioned in the text as [Mammadov A. Baku, 2010] and finally numbered in alphabetical order. If there is an online reference in the text, you should put an internet link below and number it from one. The information on each reference in the Literature List must be in full, accurate and the native language. The bibliographic description of the source should be based on its type (monograph, textbook, scientific article, etc.). The name of the article, report or thesis should be cited when referring to scientific articles, materials or theses of symposium, conference or other prestigious scientific events.
All sources referenced in the text should be cited in the "Used Works or References" list, along with the page numbers, as specified in the following examples:
a) References to books:
Adilov M.I., Hasanov I.C. (2012). Globalization and national spiritual values. Baku,“Science” p. 476
b) References to journals:
Kerimova F. (2013) The necessity of using modern teaching methods. Impact of content reform on the quality of training. Azerbaijani school. No 4, Baku: Ergunash, p. 28-31.
c) Reference to the articles in scientific events: «End of a transitional period in Azerbaijan economy: analysis and conclusions. Problems of National Development Model Formation" (2010). Materials of the scientific-practical conference of the Republic. Baku: "EastWest", p. 314-316.
d) Dissertation thesis and abstracts: Mammadov H.B. (2013) The Republic of Azerbaijan as an actor in contemporary international political processes. Doctoral dissertation abstract, Baku: "Science", 44 h.
e) Copyright and Patents: Aliev S.G., Jalalov K.Kh. A.S. 163514, USSR // B.I. 1988, No. 4, p.50 Langsam M., Savoca A. C.L. Pat. 4759776, USA, 1988.
f) Internet pages (references to web pages should be indicated in full): 
The article should give preference to scientific materials, monographs and other reliable sources for the last 5-10 years.
6) The article should be submitted to the editorial office in two forms: by e-mail (, or by the author himself. The original signature of the author is important.

Acceptance and publication of articles
After review, the presented article will be sent to experts (the author's name confidentiality is maintained) to be read out. If the article corresponds to the journal profile and meets the requirements, the printing is provided. If the author wishes, a document on his / her article acceptance may be issued. Articles are published on the principle of rotation.

The articles published in the journal are copyrighted and all publishing rights of these articles belong to the "Preschool and primary education". The articles published in the journal are allowed to be published in other publications(except the variant of the article published in the form of a thesis) only with the written permission of the editorial board, and the source of quotation must be provided.
It contravenes the authorship ethics to submit manuscripts previously sent or published in another periodical.
Articles that do not meet the above requirements are not accepted.
According to the published article, the author will get a copy of the journal.
Dear Authors don’t send please your conflicts of interests and published articles in anywhere.