A Message from the Editor-in-Chief

The journal of Preschool and Primary Education, which is essential importance for the history of our education, carries out the mission of agitation of science in our time. Over the past 50 years, the reader has been able to get a acquainted with the most pressing issues of education, modern school and teacher experience ,scientific and methodological analysis of the social-psychological aspects of parent-school cooperation. The journal has become an important source in the creation of scientific-theoretical bases, methodological base of preschool and primary education. The Preschool and Primary Education journal has been played the role of research school. The journal Preschool and Primary Education is known as a research publication in scientific articles by prominent scientists of Azerbaijan.Now the journal meets readers with new formats, designs and modern topics embracing the traditions of modern scientific publishing. The researchers appreciate the modern direction of the journal. This can be seen from the articles in the journal. I think that the path we have taken will ensure reader satisfaction, and a rich history will play a main role in the appearance of new traditions.